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HVAC Service Agreement in Amarillo, TX, and Surrounding Areas

What Exactly is The Home Comfort Club?

How does it differ from an extended warranty?

How does it save money?

These are questions that have definitely crossed your mind when the topic of service agreements come up. Let Amarillo Air Conditioning, your trusted and preferred HVAC contractor in Amarillo, TX, provide you with the answers.

Why do air conditioning companies promote Home Comfort Clubs? What service or maintenance procedures are performed as part of a Club Membership visit.

A Club Membership is not an extended warranty. In fact, club membership will ensure that the manufacturer’s maintenance requirements are met so that your comfort system will remain in warranty. Without documented annual maintenance, manufacturers are under no obligation to honor their own warranties.

A Few Facts

Annual maintenance pays for itself in operating cost savings during the peak season alone. Empirical university and utility research found operating cost savings from annual maintenance. Not only was efficiency restored, but capacity was also recovered, improving comfort.

All manufacturers in the heating and air conditioning industry recommend annual maintenance. What many consumers do not realize is that in the fine print of their warranties, they require maintenance for their warranties to remain in effect.

Heating and air conditioning systems work hard. They are cycling on and off, starting and stopping 4 to 8 times an hour. It’s like driving your car in city traffic and shutting it off at every stoplight.

What’s the difference between a Club Membership and an extended warranty?

Many consumer electronics companies sell extended warranties that they name “service agreements”. These are little more than insurance programs. Club Memberships or maintenance agreements in the heating and air conditioning industry are something else entirely. These involve true maintenance work that equipment manufacturers require on an annual basis for their warranties to remain in effect. They also involve safety checks for your gas combustion heating system that literally could save lives.

Why do I need service twice a year?

Service, such as air conditioning maintenance is needed for each cooling season and each heating season. Different maintenance procedures are performed for your cooling system than for your heating system. Because your comfort system works so hard during the year, a number of components need adjustment, calibration, lubrication, and cleaning each year. Your system will still work for a time without the maintenance, but not as efficiently. In addition, a number of items are checked. Some of the checks are to identify and stop small problems that could become big problems. Some are to verify safe operation.

How does a Club Membership save me money?

Home Comfort Club Memberships save you money by restoring efficiency, preventing inconvenient breakdowns, and extending the life of your equipment. You can get the same maintenance without a club membership, but it costs more. With club membership, the service is scheduled during our slow periods, so you receive a discount. In addition, you also save on emergency services during the year.

Still not convinced about the benefits of a service agreement? Read on.

8 Simple Reasons to Join our Home Comfort Club

  1. Slow down your electric meter. Empirical utility research proves that air conditioning maintenance will cut utility expenses.
  2. Small problems left unattended will become big problems later. With maintenance, you prevent breakdowns.
  3. Any mechanical system lasts longer with good maintenance. Your comfort system is a mechanical system. Service it to extend equipment life. A regularly scheduled AC and heating repair will ensure that your property is always comfortable all year round.
  4. Is your home comfortable on the hottest days or do you sweat it out? Utility research found that air conditioning maintenance restores lost capacity.
  5. Airlines let frequent flyers board the plane first. Similarly, our service agreement customers receive priority service.
  6. When something does break, service agreement customers pay less. With our service agreement, you receive up to a 15% repair discount.
  7. The cost of a Cooling System Check is $126. A fall Heating System Check costs $126. A service agreement is only $15.95 per month. You get a tune-up discount.
  8. When breakdowns occur at inconvenient times, don’t worry about high overtime costs. Home Comfort Club customers never pay after hours fees!

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