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Top-Notch Heating Repair in Canyon, TX

Whether your heating system needs scheduled maintenance or immediate repairs, you can count on the team at Amarillo Air Conditioning to do the job right the first time. We are more than just the trusted experts in air conditioners, as we also provide high-quality work on heating systems. Our team is prepared to install and maintain most major product brands, and we’re pleased to offer our HVAC services to residential and commercial clients throughout the entire greater Amarillo area.

Commonly Encountered Heating System Problems

Heaters contain many working parts and components, and the system will fail to operate as needed if any of these critical parts break down. A faulty thermostat will prevent the system from shutting on or off, and heating elements, pilot lights, and fans can burn out. Faulty ductwork can also keep climate-controlled air from reaching its intended destination. Age and poor maintenance are often contributing factors to heating system malfunctions. All these will need the help of a professional to provide the necessary heating services.

Signs that Your Heating System is in Need of Repair

The most noticeable symptom of a heater problem is the inability of the system to produce sufficient amounts of heated air. For gas heaters, a pervasive smell of natural gas could indicate an extinguished pilot light while a persistent burning smell could point to a problematic fan or heating element. A stale or moldy odor could be a sign of dirty ductwork, and failure to operate at all may be attributed to a blown fuse or broken thermostat. All of these problems are signs that it’s time to contact our experts for heating repair in Canyon, TX.

Trust an Expert with Your Heating System

Working with Amarillo Air Conditioning to work on a heater is always advisable. After all, it is critical to turn to an expert for heater repair or general heating maintenance. Seeking out a knowledgeable repair person can reduce downtime, save money, and prevent additional damage that may occur if an inexperienced individual attempts to perform work on the system.

Our Menu of Professional Heating Services

The staff of Amarillo Air Conditioning excels at heating installation but our expertise doesn’t end there. We’re also skilled at handling a variety of repair and maintenance tasks for heating systems of all sizes and ages. We’re always ready to assist property owners in selecting suitable replacement systems when their older heating systems can no longer be repaired. We work on traditional furnaces as well as modern heat pumps, and we’re equally comfortable servicing residential and commercial systems alike.

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The friendly, reliable team at Amarillo Air Conditioning has been serving this area for more than 65 years, so don’t hesitate to contact us for heating system repairs. Be sure to schedule an appointment with an experienced HVAC contractor in Canyon, TX, from our team. Get started by calling us today or filling out the online form. We also specialize in air conditioning repair in Canyon, TX. We serve clients in:

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