Determining the Right Size of Your Heating System

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Installing a new heat system in your home isn’t just about quality, you need to make sure that you are getting an appropriate size. If your HVAC system turns out to be too small, you best believe that it will not regulate your home temperature adequately. An oversized system, on the other hand, is prone to faster wearing out and may even lead to dehumidification issues. That is why you need to call Amarillo Air Conditioning for any projects concerning installation and heating repair in Canyon, TX.

Professionals usually factor in plenty of sophisticated aspects and measurements to reach the right heating system size for your home. However, you can get a rough estimate by considering the following calculations.

Square footage

Have a professional measure your floor space so you have an accurate figure for your square footage. You can also use a tape measure to get the dimensions of each room then multiply them. Once you have added the squares of each room in your house you will have your total square footage.

Base British Thermal Unit (BTU)

This is the unit that measures the energy used for cooling and heating. One square foot, for instance, uses approximately 25 BTUs. You can multiply this by your total square footage to get your base BTU figures.

Justify high ceilings

Make sure that the ceiling of your home is measured as well. If it is more than 8 feet, you should multiply your base BTU by 25%.

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