When to Replace Your Air Conditioning System

stops producing cool air

Your air conditioning system should last around 15 to 20 years. Of course, there are certain signs that tell you it’s time to replace it. When you do, you can get an air conditioning replacement from Amarillo Air Conditioning. Here are signs you should replace your system.

No Cool Air

Once your air conditioning system stops producing cool air, it’s a sign that it’s on its way out. Ask about getting a replacement when you have a technician come to perform air conditioning maintenance. This is especially true when they note that repairs will no longer suffice.

Frequent Breakdowns

Your air conditioner should function normally throughout the summer to keep your entire family cool and comfortable. However, if it suffers from frequent breakdowns, you may need to get it replaced. When you schedule air conditioning services, you should mention that your AC runs into problems often.

Poor Air Flow

You may need a new air conditioning installation if your existing unit has consistently poor air flow. If it’s not pushing out air the way it once did, there may be a problem with the vents or compressor. Getting repairs is possible but can cost you a lot of money, so it’s more worth getting a new air conditioner.

Moisture Under Unit

Too much moisture under the unit means there is a big problem that may require air conditioning repair in Canyon, TX. If it’s coolant that is leaking, it needs to be tackled immediately by a technician as it can pose health risks to your family. You may need a replacement air conditioning system.

Rising Energy Bills

You can definitely benefit from getting a replacement air conditioner if you consistently notice that your energy bills are skyrocketing. It is a sign that there’s a problem that cannot easily be fixed.

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