Are You Using Your Air Conditioning Unit Properly?

Are You Using Your Air Conditioning Unit Properly?

With summer right around the corner, you’d want to make sure that your air conditioning system will be able to keep you and your family cool and comfortable. This entails scheduling an air conditioning repair in Canyon, TX from Amarillo Air Conditioning at the first sign of AC issues.

If you want to keep your air conditioning unit in good working condition especially during the sweltering months and to avoid untimely air conditioning replacement, it’s important to know whether you’re using your air conditioning unit properly. Here are a few simple tips you can use.

Take Advantage of Energy Efficiency Settings

Part of your air conditioning maintenance routine during the summer should be to ensure you’re using your unit efficiently. One of the best ways to do that is to set it to energy-saving mode. You can go a step further and ensure that the thermostat is set to 78 degrees. Even on the hottest days, that temperature is enough to keep your home cool.

Keep It Out of the Sun

If you have central air conditioning, you should ensure that the outdoor portion of the unit is kept out of direct sunlight. Ideally, during your air conditioning installation, this part of the unit should be on the north side of your home or wherever there isn’t direct sunlight. You should also keep plants away from the unit to prevent leaves, dirt and other debris from getting into it.

Clean or Replace the Filter

Over time, the filter of your air conditioning unit becomes clogged with dust and debris. When this happens, your AC unit might struggle to provide your home with adequate cold air. You may even consider getting aid conditioning services with a professional to see if there’s a problem. However, in many cases, removing the filter to clean or replace will make a world of difference in boosting your indoor air quality.

In addition to keeping the air cooler when you change your filters, you are also improving the quality of the air. When your air conditioner is blowing clean air, it can prevent allergies and asthma flare ups from occurring. Remember to clean or replace your air conditioning filters every three months or as often as needed.

Regular Maintenance

It’s important to get a technician to come once a year to perform the necessary air conditioning services. This is something many homeowners neglect once they have their AC set up. However, it’s a necessary part of maintenance that can ensure your unit lasts until the end of its service life.

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