What to Do With Your Air Conditioning During Winter

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When temperatures begin to drop during the summer, you’ll no longer be running the air conditioning. However, Amarillo Air Conditioning advises you to properly prepare your unit for the winter. Here are a few winter air conditioning maintenance tips to remember.

Turn Off the Power

When winter arrives, be sure to disconnect power to your air conditioning system. Just flip the system’s shut-off switch. This will help prevent water from getting inside the condenser unit, which could freeze and damage the unit. You will then need air conditioning repair in Amarillo, TX, during the spring when this happens.

Clean the System

It’s a good idea to routinely clean your air conditioning system. It extends the life of your unit, which means you won’t need air conditioning replacement anytime soon. Simply hosing off any dirt can make a big difference. In addition, be sure to wipe away leaves and branches.

Insulate the Pipes and Wires

Professional air conditioning services providers recommend insulating your air conditioning. Although modern units are built to withstand the elements, an extra degree of protection never hurts. An unexpected deep freeze could cause the pipes and wires to crack. Foam pipe covers will give you more security.

Get Your Unit Services

Don’t hesitate to have your unit serviced before Old Man Winter comes to town. When the weather begins to heat up during the spring, your unit will be ready to go. The technicians will make sure all the unit’s seals are tight.

Consider Getting a New Unit

If your system is on its last legs, now is a good time to consider air conditioning replacement. It’ll be one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

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