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How Much Will You Use Your Air Conditioning During Spring

March 15, 2021
How Much Will You Use Your Air Conditioning During Spring

As anyone who’s spent any time in Texas knows, the weather here can be unpredictable at times. That said, it’s not uncommon to have hot and humid days even in spring. We here at Amarillo Air Conditioning recommend being proactive about AC maintenance and air conditioning repair in Canyon, TX so your cooling system can…

What You Need to Know About Your Heater’s Thermostat

February 15, 2021
heating repair in Amarillo, TX

At Amarillo Air Conditioning, we have an approach to heating repair in Amarillo, TX that includes all essential parts, including your heater’s thermostat. Keep reading to discover some of the important things you’ll need to know about your heater’s thermostat. It’s the Heart of Your Heater The thermostat is an essential part of your heating…

Air Conditioning Issues You Can Avoid

February 5, 2021
air conditioning repair in Canyon, TX

You might not need air conditioning now, but the temperatures will start rising again in a few months, which means you will want to prepare. The colder months is the best time to schedule an air conditioning repair in Canyon, TX from Amarillo Air Conditioning. Here are a few air conditioning issues we can help…

Determining the Right Size of Your Heating System

January 26, 2021
heating repair in Canyon, TX

Installing a new heat system in your home isn’t just about quality, you need to make sure that you are getting an appropriate size. If your HVAC system turns out to be too small, you best believe that it will not regulate your home temperature adequately. An oversized system, on the other hand, is prone…

Start the Year With a Maintenance Check

January 14, 2021
air conditioning services

With a new year finally here, Amarillo Air Conditioning encourages you to get an air conditioning maintenance check. It can save you a lot of stress and money in the long run. Here’s why regular maintenance inspections are so important. Energy Efficiency When poorly maintained, your home’s HVAC system can use a lot of extra…

Is Your Heating System Ready for Winter?

December 17, 2020
heating system

Winter is right around the corner. This means you’ll soon be turning on your home’s heating system. To make sure your family is able to stay warm, Amarillo Air Conditioning advises you to prepare your unit for the colder weather ahead. Here are a few key tips to remember. Replace Your Air Filter Ideally, you…

What to Do With Your Air Conditioning During Winter

December 8, 2020
air conditioning repair in Amarillo, TX

When temperatures begin to drop during the summer, you’ll no longer be running the air conditioning. However, Amarillo Air Conditioning advises you to properly prepare your unit for the winter. Here are a few winter air conditioning maintenance tips to remember. Turn Off the Power When winter arrives, be sure to disconnect power to your…

Considerations When Choosing a Heating System

November 18, 2020
heating repair in Amarillo, TX

When you’re in need of a heating installation, you’ll have to sort through a lot of options. There are boilers, geothermal, ductless, mini-split, heat pumps and furnaces to heat your home. At Amarillo Air Conditioning, we’re the go-to team to install any type of new heating system. Here are some considerations to keep in mind…

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning System

November 11, 2020
stops producing cool air

Your air conditioning system should last around 15 to 20 years. Of course, there are certain signs that tell you it’s time to replace it. When you do, you can get an air conditioning replacement from Amarillo Air Conditioning. Here are signs you should replace your system. No Cool Air Once your air conditioning system stops…

Fall Heating Tips

October 21, 2020
heating repair in Amarillo, TX

Autumn is a perfect time of the year to take advantage of all the money-saving heating and cooling tips. The holidays and first semesters of school eat up a majority of the money in most people’s wallets, so it would be wise to aim to save more this season. Always count on a professional at…

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