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Furnace Types and Their Advantages

September 23, 2020

Choosing a new furnace for your home is never easy, but knowing what to expect from the type of furnace you need can help you choose the right option for your needs. Luckily, Amarillo Air Conditioning can provide you with a high-quality heating installation in Canyon, TX whenever you need it. Let’s take a look…

Does Your Heater Need to Be Repaired?

September 23, 2020

If there is one thing that HVAC professionals know about, it is repairing heaters. Due to almost-constant use, your heating system in Amarillo, TX can succumb to wear and tear earlier than any other appliance in your home. The key to preventing your heater from untimely breakdown is to know the warning signs. Amarillo Air…

What AC Size Fits Your Needs?

August 19, 2020
air conditioning maintenance in Canyon, TX

Amarillo Air Conditioning can help you with your air conditioning installation in Canyon, TX. Our team of experts will advise you on which unit will work best for your home based on your needs. The Area To Be Cooled You will be able to find the most efficient unit with the lowest operating costs by…

Tips on Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

August 14, 2020
heating repair in Amarillo, TX

Ensuring the quality of the air in your home is essential as a homeowner, especially if you have pets and children in the home as well. At Amarillo Air Conditioning, get the reliability you need when it comes to heating installation in Amarillo, TX while improving the quality of air in your home.  When you…

Types of Air Conditioning Units

July 15, 2020
air conditioning system

Air conditioning is a true necessity when the environment becomes exceptionally warm and damp. If you are shopping for an air conditioner or are considering getting one, learning about the different types of units out there can help you make an informed decision. Amarillo Air Conditioning can help you care for various types of units…

Common Air Conditioning Issues

July 7, 2020
air conditioning repair in Amarillo, TX

When the weather starts to get hot during the summer, your home’s air conditioning unit must be ready for full operation. Amarillo Air Conditioning recommends getting your unit serviced before a heatwave arrives. Here are some of the most common issues that require air conditioning repair in Amarillo, TX. Air Conditioning Not Turning On An…

Deciding if Radiant Flooring is the Right Choice for Your Home

April 22, 2020
Background Layer | Amarillo Air Conditioning

Radiant flooring heats your house in a whole different way: from the ground up. Conventional forced-air heating floods the room with hot air in motion. You feel it pouring from supply vents, but you also notice how rapidly the room becomes chilly when the furnace cycles off. A radiant system turns the slab under your…

Introducing the Amarillo Air Lady

April 22, 2020
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Well, HELLO! I’m the Amarillo Air Lady, the New Hire. I’ve been brought on board to visit with you about all things heating and air related and other topics you didn’t even know you were interested in. For example, did you know these two factoids? The average woman uses enough lipstick in five years to…

April Showers Bring May Flowers

April 22, 2020

APRIL SNOWS BRING…….…WHO KNOWS? One day you are trying to cool your home down. The next day you are trying to warm it up. Be sure to read A FABLE after the TIP. TIP: With the recent heavy and wet snow storm that downed trees and limbs, it might be a good idea to take…

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